About Gerald:

Gerald McLin was raised in the farming community of Ashland, Illinois. Growing up he spent much of his time working on his Uncle’s farm and delivering newspapers throughout high school to earn extra money. It was the early years of helping on his uncle’s farm that he credits with teaching him discipline and the value of hard work.

After high school, while working three jobs, Gerald attended DeVry University in Chicago, Illinois. Upon graduation from DeVry he joined Western Electric as an Engineering Associate in St. Louis, Missouri. While employed with Western Electric, Gerald served overseas for 18 months with USASTRACOM, SIG-BDE-SIG Security/Intelligence in Seoul, Korea. Upon returning to the states he went back to work with Western Electric in Atlanta, Georgia, later accepting the position of Traffic Facilities Administrator in New Orleans with South Central Bell. Overall he has spent thirty-five years with the Bell System in various management positions and since 1997 Gerald has served as Staff Support Manager of the budget for the Atlantic Network Centers. His career with the Bell System has taken him from St. Louis, to New Orleans, Shreveport, Louisiana, Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA.

Today Gerald, and his wife Rose, live and work near Lake Norman, just a few miles outside of Charlotte, NC, while their daughters Mandy and Stephanie both attend college at N.C. State.

"Living in North Carolina is sort of the best of both worlds for us" Gerald said. "This way Rose and I can be closer to Mandy and Stephanie at N.C. State, but still be close enough to stay in touch with and visit all of our friends in Atlanta...and besides we are just a phone call away" he added.